REVIVAL, which is also present in the growing sector of cryogenic fluids, markets the entire range of well-known and quality chambers? from CryopAL France (a member of the Air Liquide group of companies). The main series of these containers are the TR series with liquid nitrogen transport containers and the GT series with the storage containers for samples. Detailed technical data of the TR and GT series are as follows.

Liquid nitrogen containers for cryosurgery of
200 or 300 ml capacity

AGIL liquid nitrogen transport containers for
in-hospital use

Cartridge displacement bases, level measurement &
auto-replenishment systems, transfusion systems


In addition to the basic series, CryopAL has:

  • High capacity nitrogen transfer containers
  • Dry containers
  • Liquid nitrogen dermatological sprayers (cryosurgery of liquid nitrogen)
  • Cryogenic fluid transport piping

For all applications, from in-vitro fertilization clinics and pathology laboratories to transplant centers, there is the right equipment to fully meet all needs. In addition, a complete range of supplies is available for each cryogenic application. Below are presented the products of REVIVAL in the Greek market.